About the Gorilla

We're Gorilla Plus LLC and it is our goal to provide you with high quality  merchandise at bargain prices. The way we accomplish our goal is through purchasing power. We enjoy strong financial backing and can therefore purchase goods in large quantities from major distributors, in many cases at below wholesale prices. This enables us to pass these savings along to our customers.

In order to buy in high volume we must also sell in high volume, this means we must move as much merchandise as we can as quickly as possible. The way we acomplish this is through both LIVE and Internet based AUCTIONs.  Our LIVE auctions are held every Thursday  night at our Retail store in Chickasha also we have three online eBay stores using our online auction web site at www.gorillatoughtools.com. Constant online auctions are held on eBay.

The Gorilla Team enjoy their job and we hope to continue selling high quality merchandise at bargain prices - especially during these recessionary times. As economic times improve we will continue to offer these same services because no matter what the economy is like, our goal will always be the same: to provide you high quality merchandise at bargain prices.